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Fabric Durability

When you are choosing upholstery fabric for your home one of the key factors to consider is how long will the fabric last? 

In recent years some fabric suppliers have begun testing their fabrics for durability and putting the ratings on the fabric samples. Not all of our fabric companies have done this yet, but some have.

Fabrics are tested using two different methods, both are rated as "double rubs"


Read these pages to find more information

Rub-a-dub-dub: Demystifying Double Rubs: Q-Design

"There are two methods of testing for abrasion in fabrics: the Wyzenbeek test for abrasion and the Martindale test for abrasion. According to Herman Miller, a high end furniture manufacturer known for its modern designs and classic pieces, abrasion refers to the fabric’s ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing."

This is a very informative article that does a good job explaining.

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Fabric Durability - Kravet News

"We (Kravet) received the following question from a customer named Lilly in Ohio:

“What is the difference between the Wyzenbeek method of abrasion testing and the Martindale? I often see both results listed on different fabrics but don’t understand what each of them mean.”"

Fabric 101 - A Lesson in Durability - IBB Design

"For today’s post, I’ve asked my good friends & fabric experts over at Kravet to give us a lesson in what makes a fabric durable.  Selecting the right fabrics & know where to place them in your home is very important.  So, sit back, grab & pen & pad & a cup of coffee (or your favorite cocktail ~ it is Friday…) and get ready to gain some great knowledge on fabrics!"

Martindale vs Wyzenbeek – Rub Test By Abrasion Explained

"Both Wyzenbeek and Martindale are abrasion or rub tests. They are however different tests which test different properties and success in one test does not infer success in the other. Wyzenbeek involves rubbing along the warp and weft of the fabric whereas Martindale is a figure-8 rub. The video clip shows a testing machine in action…not very exciting stuff. This article continues and gives summary information to assist Interior Designers to specify the right levels of abrasion resistance – usually for upholstery.



Here are two videos showing the Wyzenbeek Test

Govmark - Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test

Wyzenbeek Textile Fabric Abrision Testing Method


Here is a video showing the Martindale Test

Video of Martindale Test