Saving The Old Cover

Sometimes a client will want us to save the old cover that comes of the furniture.

Here are some realities.

When removing the old cover, the focus is on working efficiently....

In pricing an upholstery job we have only allowed a certain amount of time for removing the old cover. Anything that increases that amount of time will be charged extra.

The frames on some furniture is realitively soft wood and the tacks or staples come out much easier. Other frames are made out of hardwood, which is more difficult to get the staples out of and to get the cover off.

The Fabrics: Some of the old fabrics are pretty strong and stay together fairly well. But some of the old fabrics are thin and fragile. These type get ripped pretty easy during the removal process.

Sometimes the old cover comes off fairly easy, while other times the wood was so hard, or the last upholsterer put many tacks or staples in it. This makes it very hard to get to old cover off. In these cases the edges of the old cover can get quite ripped. In addition, the old cover may have many tacks or staples along the edges. It can also have cotton or other padding attached to it. When the old cover comes off it is often not nice and pretty.

So, the client, you, must choose:

  • Do you want us to tear off the old cover in our normal method and  just give the fabric as it comes off, rips and all? (Most of the time the old cover comes off with only the edges ripped a little. But occassionally the fabric can be quite ripped.)
  • OR do you want to pay an extra hourly charge for us to carefully take the old cover off so that it doesn't get ripped or damaged?
  • Do you want to pay us to remove all the staples, tacks, etc. from the edges of the fabric and to wrap it neatly up.

With that said, if you want the old cover, we will try to accomodate you as much as possible within given parameters. (that it doesn' take us extra time to remove the old cover.)