for Medical Exam Tables

Before we can give estimates to medical exam tables, thereare some logistics that usually have to be worked out.

  1. How many do you want done at one time?
  2. What type of turnaround time do you need?
  3. Do you have any backup tables that you can use while these are gone?
  4. Do have have someone who can take the upholstered top section off the base and transport it to us?

The exam tables are generally pretty large and take up a lot of space when transported. This can mean either transporting one at a time OR obtaining a larger truck to carry multiple tables at one time. There is another solution. Most of the time the tables can come apart: the upholstered top parts unbolt from the bottom framework. This would allow the transport of the upholstered sections of multiple tables in a small vehicle, which saves on transportation costs.

Most of our clients transport their own furniture, which I prefer. Occasionally, when needed, I can transport some furniture (for an extra per trip charge). FYI: I am just a one man shop. If I pick up and deliver I need to charge for the time that I could have been working, plus travel costs. In addition, I only have a small minivan, which would probably only haul 1 complete table (or possibly 2 if the tables were small enough. Even saying all of this, I prefer that the client transport the furniture, but can transport if you can’t. Do you have a way to transport the tables OR the table tops? If the table  tops were removed at your place, they would fit in most cars. (Just brainstorming here)

Now, Once all that is decided, here is how the process would generally work.

  1. After getting all the needed  information, I would give an estimate.
  2. The client would choose a material, either before or after the estimate.
  3. If the client decides to proceed, I would make up a work order and email it to the client.
  4. The client would sign a copy of the work order and mail it back with a ½ deposit.
    1. We could either make up one work order for all the tables
      1. In this case we would make up the work order for all the tables, and a ½ deposit on all the tables would be due
      2. Then, as we finished each table, the balance for each table would be due when you received each table.
    2. Or we could make up a separate work order for each table.
      1. We could either make a separate invoice for the vinyl (and any other orderable supplies) for all tables (which would be paid up front), and then write up separate a Work Orders for each table. Each Work Order would be paid as each table was completed.
      2. OR we could write a separate Work Order for  each table which would include the vinyl for that specific table. A ½ deposit would be required when the order was placed and the balance due when the table was finished. (The vinyl for each table would, or could be ordered separately, which would include a separate additional shipping charge for the vinyl for each table.)
  5. When we receive the signed work order and the payment, we would order all the materials needed for the job.
  6. In the mean time we would be working through the jobs that are ahead of yours.
  7. Once we would be ready to do the work, we would  contact you and make arrangements for the tables to come into the shop.
    1. How many tables are taken to our shop at a time would depend upon how many you can be without, and for how long, and if you have other tables to fill in while the tables are gone.
      1. If you have extra tables to fill in, then you can send more over at one time, thus saving on the amount of trips, but you’d be without the tables longer.
      2. OR, if you need all your tables, they could be brought over one at a time, possibly on weekends so we could do them while your office is closed. This would mean more trips to transport them, but you’d  have a better chance to have your tables while your offices are open.
    2. If moving the tables all in one piece, the tables could be transported one or two at a time
    3. If you could be without the tables longer, the tabletops could be taken off at your place and transported all at once.
  8. When the tables would be finished you would make the final payment and the furniture would go back to your shop.