Job Completion Times


How Long Will It Take?

A common question is "how long will my job take?" That is a reasonable question. 

We don't give out specific completion dates. The best we can say about job timelines is that we are booked out quite a few months. We work with a wide variety of types and conditions of furniture. There is so much variation of what needs to be done, it's hard to determine how long it will take. We focus on doing the job right, and it takes however long it takes. Any completion time will only be approximate (for our scheduling purposes). Our estimated completion dates will vary, sometimes considerably, from any estimated completion dates. It will probably take longer than you desire. Just be patient, we will get to it as we can. Generally we're booked out a number of months before we can start a job, sometimes longer. Sometimes work has slowed down and we've been booked out only a couple months and can get your job done quicker.

With all that being said, keep this in mind. We want to get your furniture to you just as much as you want to have it. We pay our bills with your payments. We also want to make sure that your job is done correctly so that you will be happy with it and it will serve you well for years to come.

What if you have a special event?

If you have a small job and if we have room in our schedule, we try to work with you. Some people are in no rush, other people have a specific event they want to have it done by. If you have a particular event that you need it by, please let us know. Sometimes we can adjust our schedule to accommodate those events. (See Rush Jobs) Other times we give you a choice of waiting to do it after the event, or go to another upholstery shop to see if they can get it done in time. If you do have a specific event in mind, come to us, or another upholsterer, as early as possible. If you put it off until the last moment, chances are that you will be disappointed. However, if you can start working with your upholsterers far in advance, you have many more options and a better probability of getting your furniture done by your special events.

What if you have a specific deadline but prefer not to pay the Rush Fee.

In that case, providing we have enough time in our schedule to do the job, don't delay at any step on your end. Promptly choose your fabric and promptly get the deposit to us so that we can get the process going and get the fabrics ordered.


If for any reason you decide to cancel your job, see our Refund and Cancellation Policy.