Taking Pictures for an Estimate

Please carefully read all of this article

In order for us to give an estimate on your furniture we need to be able to clearly see the details of how your furniture is constructed and it's condition. A clear large sized high resolution picture helps us to see those detail.

If you will be emailing us pictures of your furniture or items, please read and follow all of these instructions Carefully.

To see what the furniture or items really looks like we need clear high resoution pictures taken in good lighting with all of the piece showing.
Take pictures that show the whole piece. In addition, take closeups wherever needed to show any special designs or specia detailing.

Clear Space Around the Furniture or Item

If ithe furniture is in a tightly packed  space or if it is in close proximity to other objects, move it or the other objects so you can get all of the piece in the picture, and nothing is hiding part of the piece.

Good lighting.

If the furniture or item is in a dark area, turn on some lights so that the furniture will be well lit.

Turn the Furniture or Piece around for each Picture

If needed, turn the furniture around for each picture so that the part of the furniture you are taking a picture of will be in the light.

Take high resolution pictures.

Check your camera or phone camera to make sure that the settings for the picture are at its highest resolution.

Hold the camera steady.

When taking the pictures hold the camera very still. Even the slightest movement of the camera makes the pictures to be somewhat blurry. This is especially true when using the camera on your phone. Use a tripod, OR lean against a wall and brace your hands and arms so you can take

Bring the Furniture outside.

If the room is dark, or in tight quarters, bring the furniture outside so that you can get the appropriate clear well-lit pictures.

Take Multiple Pictures of each piece.

  • Get rid of clutter from around the furniture before taking pictures so that nothing will block parts of the furniture in the pictures.
  • To Show the whole piece: Take pictures from the front, front corner (so that it shows both the front and the side), back corner (so that it shows the arm and the back.
  • To Show Closeups wherever needed:
    • Closeup to show the whole part (such as the whole arm, cushion, etc.)
    • Closer ups, that show highlight area (torn spots, special designs, etc.)
  • On Furniture just needing repairs,
    • Take pictures of the entire piece of furniture
    • Take closeup pictures of the entire section of the furniture so that we can see how the damage is positioned on the piece.
  • To Show Unusual or Specific areas.
    • Mounting Hardware: (i.e. RV driver seats, tractor or equipment seats, etc.)
    • On any other type of furniture/seats than householdalso take pictures of the bottom of each piece. If the seats/furniture has hardware, hingers, brackets, floor stands attached, give picture of how they are attached.

Adjust the Camera Position

 When taking the pictures, adjust the position of the camera so that it shows as much detail as clearly as posible.

Send Full Sized Pictures

When you send the pictures make sure that you send the full size pictures. Some email or picture software will automatically send a reduced size for "email". These small size pictures make it difficult to enlarge the picture on my end so that I can see the fine detail of the picture. Please turn that automatic resizing feature off before sending the pictures. Your picture size should be at least  a couple hundred KB up to several MB.

In Addition

Since sending pictures is usually part of asking for an estimate, the it would be a good idea to send measurements of:

Sofa or loveseat length

Sizes of any removeable cushions (length X width X thickness)

sizes of any ottomans (length X width X height.)

If you are requesting an estimate, the please read our page on Requesting an Estimate.